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Executive Summary:

Dr. Carter Tseng, originally of Fujian Province, was born in 1948. In 1970, he was graduated from National Taiwan University with a BSEE degree. In 1976, he was
graduated from UCLA with a PhD degree in Computer Science. While in the US, he worked at PARC (XEROX Research Center) in Silicon Valley. In 1980, he returned to
Taiwan, where he founded Microtek International Inc., which, with an IPO in 1988, was number 1 in the world in the scanners market and which became the first company in
the Hsinchu Science & Industrial Park to successfully have gone through IPO. Microtek has also nurtured over the years around 100  executives and managers in the high-
tech arena.

Dr. Tseng, serving as Vice Chairman of Arlotto and board member of companies such as Aiptek, Arima, Prime View, etc., is currently involved and engaged in various roles
in high-tech and strategic alliances. In addition, he serves as a Guest Professor at Alberta University in Canada and City University of Hong Kong, Professor of CEO Training
at Tsinghua University in Beijing, Consulting Professor at Shanghai University, Guest Professor at Tainjin Nankai University, Sichuan University, College of UESTC in
Chengdu. Dr. Tseng also serves as Economics Consultant to City of Tianjin, Advanced Consultant to TEDA in Tianjin and Advanced Consultant to EIII in Tainjin. He also
serves as Honorary Head of Langbo Graduate School for Mid-to-Small Business in Western China.

Dr. Tseng established the Little Dragon Foundation, one of whose roles is training and nurturing executives and managers for large businesses in China. Among the
companies that Dr. Tseng has helped are such large IPO’ed organizations as Tianjin Zhonghuan, Tianjin Communication & Broadcasting, Shenzhen TCL, TCL
Communication, BOE Technology, etc. Dr. Tseng also introduced into China Dale Carnegie Training  and Global Chinese CEO’s Fellowship, as well as software CMM
certification, Six Sigma quality control, etc, in efforts to dramatically enhance overall Chinese business competitiveness.

Dr. Tseng is a member of “Committee of 100” in the US. He is also one of the founding  members of Monte Jade and OCEAN in the US (These are institutes for startup
consultations), which have been helping Chinese entrepreneurs in startup efforts in US, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In year 2000, he established ECO Foundation,
which plants trees in Beijing, Sichuan, Yunan, etc. on a large scale.

Besides playing an active role in high-tech businesses, Dr. Tseng also loves and nurtures precious human resources. As CEO of Little Dragon Foundation, Dr. Tseng
provides hundreds of scholarships to university students and serves as Executive Chairman of Nankai International Business Forum in Tiajin.


National Taiwan University: BSEE (1970)
UCLA, CA, USA: MSEE (1973)
UCLA, CA, USA: PhD CS (1976)


Lockheed Aircraft Co. (USA): Advanced Design Engineer (1973 – 1974)
Intermetrics Inc. (USA): Advanced Consulting Engineer (1974 – 1975)
XEROX (USA): Project Manager (1976 – 1980)
Microtek (in Hsinchu Science & Industrial Park): Founder & Executive VP (1980 – 1988)
E-Tech (in Hsinchu Science & Industrial Park): Founder, President & Vice Chairman (1989 – 1997)


Committee of 100: Member
ChinaLab (Accelerated Incubator): Founder
Little Dragon Foundation (Education & VC): Founder & CEO
Arlotto (LAN & Optical Ethernet): Vice Chairman
Aiptek (DSC),Prime View (LCD), Arima: Board Member
ITRI Computer & Communication Research Labs: Industry Technical Consulting Member
National Chiao Tung University: Thesis Instructor & Member of Verbal Exam Board
Alberta University (Canada), City University of Hong Kong: Adjunct Professor
Tianjin Nankai university, Sichuan University, Chengdu UESTC: Guest Professor
Shanghai University, Fujian Normal University: Consulting Professor
Beijing Tsinghua University: CEO Training Professor
Sichaun Langbo Graduate School for Mid-to-Small Business in Western China: Honorary Head
Tianjin City Government: Economics Consultant
Nankai International business Forum: Executive Chairman
Tianjin EIII, Tianjin TEDA: Advanced Consultant
OCEAN VC & Monte Jade: Founding Member
(Organization for Chinese-American Entrepreneurs’ Advisory Network)

Patents: Keyboard-less entry method, automobile transmission box lever system, etc.

Writings: 8086/8088 Microprocessor System Design, MICE-II Operating Principle & Practice, General Concept of Computers,Principles of Microprocessors, etc.

Presentations: Market Positioning Strategy for High-Tech Products, Engineering Planning & Management of Microprocessor Based  Products, Development & Strategy of
Global Market, etc.
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Summary Resume, Dr. Carter Tseng
Dr. Carter Tseng