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In 1996, the Tseng Family Fund was established in the US, providing funds for education and environment. This was the basis on which the Little Dragon Foundation
has been established.

  • Main Mission:
  • Education
  • Environment

  • Goals:
  • For those poor but motivated young people in China, the Foundation provides scholarships which help complete their schooling.
  • For universities and high-level managers and executives in China, the Foundation provides training for CEO’s, guidance on business globalization and
    help in business startups.
  • For Western China, the Foundation promotes large-scale tree planting, aiming for a green and clean environment.

  • Accomplishments:
  • Fujian Province: Establishment of elementary school and library
  • Sichuan Province: Establishment of library.
  • Tianjin City: With Dr. Carter Tseng serving as Executive Chairman, Nankai International Businees Forum was established.
  • Hundreds of Scholarships each year for universities and middle schools such as: Sichuan Province, Fujian Province, Shanghai University, Nankai
    University, Qinghua University, Beijing University, Beijing University of Posts & Communications, Beijing Institute of Technology, Sichuan University,
    Chongqing University, Fujian Normal University, Lanzhou University, etc.
  • Training and nurturing for business startups: TCL in Shenzhen, Zhonghuan in Tainjin, Dongfang in Beijing, etc.
  • Establishment of ECO Fund in the US, which made possible large-scale planting of trees in Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province and Beijing City, etc.
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